Client Testimonials

After a year of chronic shoulder pain, I went to Liz who was able help me get long-term relief through massage and stretching.  I am so grateful!


I appreciated Liz’s quiet confidence and willingness to shift strategies if I wanted something different in my labor. I was also glad that she is strong and was able to counteract the strength of the contractions with massage. I remember being scared of the strong contractions and eventually the urge to push. Liz was always there ready for each contraction. I felt a lot less alone in the pain. I honestly believe if there were more labor massage therapists, more women could manage the pain of a natural childbirth.


Lil, Dani and Baby Neto

Liz was absolutely incredible. There is no way that I would have continued to labor at home if Liz wasn’t present to provide emotional and physical support. She was incredibly attentive to my body – she gave me consistent massages (even at 2, 3 and 4 am in the morning), held my back in key positions when contractions hit and held me when the exhaustion felt overwhelming. Whenever contraction waves would come over me, I always felt confident that I could give in to my body and let her catch me. Her massages were critical to moving stress, pain and tension out of my body.
Lil Milagro