Resource List

Resource List

I gave birth in September 2017 so my sweet son, Harrison. I am currently not taking doula clients –  Here is a list of great doulas I think you will love until I return:

Birth Doulas
Luisa Duran
Kari Gallinger
–, 720-412-1965
Barb Lines
Jessica Potter
Denver Birth Services
Braving Doula Collective

Birth & Baby Resources in Denver, CO  

Homebirth Midwives
Gina Gerboth
Sena Johnson
Maren Wood

Postpartum Doulas
Mclean Confer – Loving Mama Doula
Elizabeth Diaz Ordaz – Que Venga la Luz 
Maternal Instincts
The Twin Doula

Breastfeeding Support
Ana Hill – Rocky Mountain Lactation
La Leche League
the mama’hood
Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition

Childbirth Education
Mandy Jeffries – Hypnobabies
Belly Bliss
the mama’hood

Rachael Grace Photography
Monet Nicole

Community – classes, groups, etc.
the mama’hood
The Family Room
Belly Bliss
Naturally Loved
Natal to Nest

Dr. Jessica Young – Natural Balance
Dr. Julie Seymour – The Human Joint
Well Beings Family Chiropractic

Lisa Lowe
Alpenglow Acupuncture

Cecily Yousaf – Fertile Grounds Wellness Center
Meeting Point Community Acupuncture 

Herbal Medicine
Michelle Castor – Agua y Sangre Healing
Artemisia & Rue
Apothecary Tinctura

Naturopathic Medicine
Caitlin O’Connor – All Families Natural Health

Physical Therapy
Lynn Leech – Intuitive Hands
Cherry Creek Wellness

Placenta Services
Carrie Hankins – The Placenta Lady
Erica Lundgren – Foothills Doula

Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness
Birthing Bodies

Bereavement Services

Plus Size Birth 
Belly Casting – Amy Haderer 
Colorado Doulas Association