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Receiving massage from a skilled and knowledgeable therapist is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and self-care. My style of massage integrates deep tissue, neuromuscular, Swedish and sports techniques to create a personalized massage that addresses your specific bodywork needs.

From conception to birth, prenatal massage eases the aches and pains of pregnancy while preparing your body for birth. I use the side-lying technique and utilize a variety of bolsters and pillows for your safety and comfort.

Heal your body from the intensity of giving birth while managing the wear and tear on your body from having a new baby. Taking time for yourself after your baby arrives gives you the energy you need to care for your growing family.

Manage chronic pain and tension, heal from an injury, decrease stress and strengthen your immune system. Regular therapeutic massage restores your energy, focus and peace of mind.

30 Minutes – $50 (or 5-Pack for $200)
60 Minutes – $75 (or 5-Pack for $325)
90 Minutes – $100 (or 5-Pack for $450)
120 Minutes – $125 (or 5-Pack for $575)

Hot Stone Add-On – $25
Add hot stones to any massage for deep relaxation and release.
Hot stones are not available for in-home treatments.

Please contact Liz for more information or to schedule bodywork at
(303) 319-5547 or

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